adunna - 60 (Recon)

Writeup by GenericNickname

Created: 2015-12-08


I'm a made-up word, I sound like an astronomical term, and am also a Credit Union!

What word am I?



I am one of adunna's (Arun Dunna) many usernames!

I used to play a game for a number of years, somehow I think this is related to one of the names I went by in it... Maybe there's some sort of database of all the players for that game? There could be some way to tie me to it?

You won't get the answer off of my Steam profile, try this instead, and keep the first hint in mind.



Figure out what adunna's username was for whatever game he mentions in the hints.


Following the link adunna provided in the hint revealed that he used to play Warrock, and in theory the problem can be solved by finding a database of Warrock players (probably from international tournaments since he mentioned participating in them) and looking for his username on there. However, I took a different approach.

I used this Google search to find this website which compiled a list of credit unions who had made strange name changes. Just looking at the top of the list, Solarity sticks out as something that sounds like an astronomical term. Googling solarity warrock reveals that someone under that name has participated in ESL tournaments for the game, and it submits as the flag sucessfully!