Moving North - 75 (Game)

Writeup by r3ndom_

Created: 2015-12-8


Seems pretty far... How can I move quicker?


Game is Windows only. :)

Update: Problem is a bit easier now, try finding the flag again, this time it will make more sense. (don't forget to re-download the new executable) :)



Literally move north.

Methods to solve: 1) Go north fast. 2) Move your camera to the right position ( or just fast ). 3) Decrypt the string. 4) Find the flag in the std::string array.


The problem is referncing this text which directs you north. Your objective is to go north and find the flag.

Simplest method is changing the speed as I referenced in the write up for Introduction to Colors. And then go straight north from the flag for the previous problem and in a few minutes you will find the flag.



Alternative Methods (in brief)

Teleporting is a risky prospect mainly because you don't know where to teleport to, however it can be faster than moving. Just teleport forward a bunch.

Decrypting the string would require reversing the string decryption method.

Finding the flag in the std::string array is simple enough. Just do what I explained in Introduction to Colors and then scroll down in memory.